About Us

Nanjing China Electronics Panda Crystal Technology Corporation, formerly known as Nanjing Hualianxing Electronics Co., Ltd., was invested and established by Nanjing Huadong Electronics Group Co., Ltd. in 1993, focusing on the research and development, production and marketing of quartz crystal frequency components. In May 2007, China Electronics (CEC) mergered and reorganized 7 formerly affiliated electronics companies in Nanjing (including East China Electronics Group and Panda Electronics Group) and established Nanjing China Electronics Panda Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. In August 2010, the company was officially renamed.


       The product categories cover a full range of frequency devices such as crystal resonators, thermal crystals, ordinary oscillators, voltage controlled oscillators, temperature compensated oscillators, oven controlled crystal oscillators, and filters. Products are widely used in communication equipment, security monitoring, industrial control, automotive electronics, Bluetooth and WIFI smart terminals, consumer electronics and other market areas.


       The company adheres to the customer centered rule, with its leading technology level and decades of rich experience, it has established close strategic partnerships with many well-known companies around the world, becoming an international first-class manufacturer of quartz crystal frequency components, providing customers with comprehensive frequency control solutions.


Full Size(14Pin)Oscillator Half Size(8Pin)Oscillator OXD43 SERIES OXE34 SERIES OXC19 SERIES OXC10 SERIES OXB20 SERIES OXB12 SERIES OXB10 SERIES OXA20 SERIES OXA10 SERIES 1.6×1.2 SMD Crystal 2.0×1.6 SMD Crystal 2.5×2.0 SMD Crystal 3.2×2.5 SMD Crystal 5×3.2 SMD Crystal 5×7 SMD Crystal 6×3.5 SMD Crystal HC-49U Crystal HC-49USM Crystal(TWO PADS) UM-1 Crystal UM-5 Crystal 2.0×1.2 TUNING FORK(SMD) 3.2x1.5 Tuning Fork(SMD) 2x6 Tuning Fork(KHz) 3x8 Tuning Fork(KHz) 3×8 TUNING FORK(SMD) 1.6x1.0 TUNING FORK(SMD) 5x7 SMD Oscillator(HCMOS/TTL) 5x7 SMD OSC(PECL-LVDS) 2.5×2.0 SMD Oscillator 3.2 x 2.5 SMD Oscillator 5 x 3.2 SMD Oscillator UM-5 FILTER UM-1 FILTER 5x7 SMD VCTCXO(4PIN) 1.6x1.2 SMD VCTCXO 5x3.2 SMD VCTCXO 2.5x2.0 SMD VCTCXO 3.2x2.5 SMD VCTCXO 2.0x1.6 SMD VCTCXO 3.2x2.5 SMD VCXO 5×7 SMD VCXO 1.6×1.2 SMD Thermistor Crystal 2.0×1.6 SMD Thermistor Crystal 2.5×2.0 SMD Thermistor Crystal